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3 Systems Every Local Business Needs to Build a Profitable Brand

Ready to generate more sales and impact for your local business?

Join this free workshop with Love Local founder + CEO, Emily Steele.

What You'll Learn


Creating visibility is key to getting a business off the ground and sustaining it. It can be cost-effective and simple when you understand how to create a powerful presence.


Staying connected to your community of buyers will help ensure your sales stay consistent, while also boosting referrals and better word of mouth marketing.


Integrating yourself and your brand into the community is what will continue deepening your own roots into your local market, establishing you as a legacy brand your city loves.

"Working with Emily helped our brand grow 100% over the 
last two years."

- Susanne, MedSpa owner


Does it feel too hard to grow your local business?

There's probably a nagging voice in your mind telling you to do more.

"You need more customers."

And you know it's true, but where are they? How do you find them without spending a fortune?

You're posting on all the social media channels and doing what you see competitors or peers doing, but it still feels hard.

Let me show you how to simplify your approach to get more results in less time

We're breaking down the cost-effective, simple ways you can attract new business, keep 'em coming back for more (and telling all of their friends!), while deeply rooting yourself into your community to become a known and loved legacy brand.


If you resonate with any of the below... you will love this training.
  • You start your day and feel overwhelmed. What should you be doing to generate more sales for your business? Without clarity, you just end up opening social media and scrolling.
  • All the marketing strategies *they* recommend are confusing... what are you actually supposed to do? What's relevant for your business?
  • You're watching other local businesses in town doing so well and can't figure out what they're doing that you're not.
  • ​There's not enough time in the day to do marketing, but you're not quite ready to outsource to an agency or freelancer. You need something to keep your brand out there.

Hey, I'm Emily Steele.

I have been building local brands and helping hundreds of local business owners over the last decade.

From taking my own digital marketing company from $0 to six figures in three months by working with local companies, to building a local networking group from 5 women to 500 in a year, I know how to generate momentum and sales, while becoming a known and loved legacy brand without spending a fortune.

Our courses and 1:1 partnerships have helped service providers, nonprofit organizations, retail businesses, and event brands build & implement strategies that work in local markets.

So many local business owners are passionate about what they do and have a truly incredible offer, but they lack the strategy and roadmap to create the success they desire. 

I created this workshop because I want the local business community to prosper and I'm tired of seeing people struggle when it doesn't have to be so hard. 

Sign up for a live training so I can show you the system our students and clients use to consistently grow their business.
DISCLAIMER: While these tactics and strategies can absolutely transform your business, it requires WORK and TIME (like anything good in life). If you do not implement what we teach, they won't work. If you're not willing to give them a try, please don't waste your time. These resources are for people committed to taking action.
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